Centrum Ganspoel

Centrum Ganspoel supports children, youngsters and adults with visual disabilities with or without multiple impairments and their network.

Panoramisch zicht vanuit de velden op Ganspoel

The clients’ individual demand is the point of focus and gives direction to the offered support.

The support is organized in two ways:

  • Residential: in our own infrastructure in Huldenberg and Tervuren. Besides adapted education for children and youngsters, a Multifunctional Center (MFC) is situated on our campus in Huldenberg. Adults get support in the Flexible Center for adults (FAM).
  • Ambulant guidance in Brabant, Antwerp, Limburg and the southern part of East-Flanders.

We start from the clients’ strength and support them in the most appropriate way and place.Specialized staff members from different disciplines work together in close cooperation.

Centrum Ganspoel permanently works on handicap specific renewal and deepening.

We develop our in-house expertise and also appeal to expertise from outside Ganspoel. We also want to spread our expertise beyond our walls. There are thematic as well as regional and international partnerships.

We opt for an inclusive activity in and together with the immediate and broader surroundings. This way, Ganspoel contributes to a society that ensures a quality life for each person.

Parents are actively involved in their children’s individual guidance. The user council participates actively in the working of Centrum Ganspoel. The school board involves parents in the working of the school.

Working for minors


The Multifunctional Centre (MFC) consists of two divisions: division I where children stay till the age of 12-14 and division II for youngsters of the age of 13-14.

Depending on the need of guidance of children and youngsters, the living quarter staff lay extra accents on, amongst others: tutoring, offer of structure, care and basal stimulation.

According to the individual needs, children get different kinds of therapy: speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Speelhoekje met grote bal de BermParents want their children to go to Ganspoel to receive the best care and to develop all their possibilities thanks to specialized guidance. Above all, they want their child to feel good. That is exactly what we pursue: learning and development in all fields and basic feeling of well-being. We put a lot of effort into our work, we do it from the heart and employ a systematic and well-considered approach. We use an individual approach to each client based on our expertise and together with the parents. The collaboration and the coordination between services and employees are crucial to execute the plan. We call it “integrated working”. Integrated working is achieved through coordination across all aspects of guidance and all activities of each child with its possibilities and visual disabilities and additional impairments. This coordination of education, medical and social guidance, group guidance and individual guidance, therapy and family oriented support, is essential for our vision. This is where Ganspoel is specialized in.

Visually impaired and blind children and youngsters go to school in Ganspoel and make use of specialized day care in a living quarter. They can stay for the whole week or only for a few days. Residential day care is also possible during weekends and school holidays. Therapy and medical guidance make part of the offer.

First and foremost, the living quarter is a safe base from where different activities take place. The guidance focuses on different domains, such as

  • Emotional and social development, contacts and relationships,
  • Communication, also by use of resources
  • Self-sufficiency and independence
  • Leisure time: active, self-chosen, varied activity

Ganspoel is specialized in visual disabilities and multiple impairments; it has the joint knowhow in the field of social intercourse, resources and environmental adjustments.

Teachers, educators, therapists, social worker, remedial teacher and medical team work out an individual guidance plan with the needs for each child. They are responsible for the execution of that plan. Moreover, we constantly act in close consultation with the parents. Youngsters have their say in that plan and they join the consultation.


werken met de brailleleesregelWe organise special elementary education type 6 for pre-school children and children of primary school who receive guidance in the MFC. For the youngsters who stay with us, special secondary education is organised on our campus. We also guide children who follow regular education, which is called integrated education (GON). For children with visual impairments who follow special education (except special education for visual impairment (type 6)), there is ambulant guidance (AMBO) where restricted guidance can be offered to the school.

Mobile and ambulant guidance

If the guidance especially takes place at the clients’ home and/or in the context of the home situation, we talk about home guidance. We offer mobile guidance in other institutions, which provide support to children with multiple impairments with or without visual disabilities. Besides, children can get ambulant guidance on our campus. At last, there is mobile/ambulant guidance – known as outreach – which is meant for professionals from the environment of a person with visual disabilities.

Working for adults

ontspannen in de woonruimteCentrum Ganspoel also supports a large number of adults with visual and/or multiple impairments. About 75 residents live in our care homes.

Living is more than an adjusted material environment. It means a safe, familiar base where people feel secure and can be themselves.

Centrum Ganspoel provides meaningful day care. All the activities, a resident does from the moment he gets up until the moment he falls asleep, are part of the day care services. After all , all the activities throughout the day offer him opportunities to be active and to gain experiences. The different activities give structure and rhythm to the day and bring change in life. A quality offering means activities drawn up for each resident. An offer which takes the possibilities, talents and interests of the resident into account.

The offer consists of 3 clusters:

  • Work-related activities
  • Perception-related activities
  • Basal activities

Each day, the staff members also offer the necessary support to the resident in his leisure activities. These activities are often organised separately from the housing environment in order to offer as much variation, broadening and relation possibilities as possible.

Many of our residents need therapy: speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Living and being at home are central in the care for adult residents with multiple impairments. The residents live together in care homes of 6 to 10 persons.

Together with Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde we have also been organising mobile/ambulant home guidance for adults with visual impairments for a couple of years.